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Scatter Pucks - Crates

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This Scatter Pucks - Crates piece is the perfect thing to keep your miniatures paint steady and ready to go! Serving as a paint pot holder, it will fit citadel style paint pots and prevent them from coloring your tabletop. It will work great for your next wargaming miniatures painting session as you can focus on painting your miniatures for D&D, Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder, Fallout, Necromunda, Kings of War, or Heroscape.

📦 Includes: 1 Piece
📐 28mm-32mm
❗️  FDM Miniature

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Customer Reviews

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Joe G

all expectations met. fast delivery

Scott W

I got what I paid for in a timely manner! I'm so happy!!

Ijusthaveaquestion W

Ditto figs 1 - 6!