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Orc Grunch D&D Ornament

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This unique and exclusive Orc Grunch D&D Ornament will surely be a hit to any tree! Probably, anyway... It highlights how insanely cool Dungeons and Dragons is and always is the center of the Christmas party conversation. This is a perfect gift for that Dungeon master in your life who always takes it for the teams and runs the show. 

📦 Includes: 1 piece, with string or wire
❗️  FDM Miniature

Gather round, gather round,
All you tiny humans, wee beasties, and little faeries fair,
And let me tell you a tale,
About a little orc named Grunch,
Who saved Christmas
With nothing but a borrowed bag of holding
And a charming crimson hat.
To take and take,
Is what he had been taught
At the scaly gray knees of his mama-orc.
‘Twas the way of those who followed Gruumsh,
The one-eyed god whose heart was two, four, six sizes too small.
But Grunch had two eyes and a heart three, six, nine sizes too big.
So come Christmas Eve,
When all of Grunch’s family engaged in the Yuletide traditions
Of murder and butcher,
And thievery and debauchery,
And other -erys and -ers,
I don’t dare name anymore,
Grunch took out his trusty bag of beholding,
Won in a noble battle with a berserking human,
And his glorious crimson hat dyed in the blood of old enemies,
And he packed wondrous potions and dice,
And weapons, both melee and long-range
And sweets and sweetmeats,
And shiny trinkets and intricate instruments.
And he delivered them to all
The hardy dwarven brood in their mines,
And the graceful elvish children who dwell in the forests,
And the rambunctious humans who call cities their homes.
And the fierce dragonborn and the vicious orcs,
And the funny gnomes and the versatile halflings,
Were not forgotten by jolly Grunch.
And Grunch did not care whether a child was naughty or nice,
For he had a present that suited the wicked and the kind alike.
And that, boys and girls,
Is how Grunch the Orc became known all through the land
As dear old Grunch the Orky Claus.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Heather D

My husband opened his new ornament this morning and he loves it! It also took to paint well.

Alyssa B

I love him so much! He is adorable and is my favorite out of the bunch I got. Thank you so much!

Alyssa B

He is hilarious and I didn't notice that he has a D20 in his bag until I got him. He came out great

Crystal E

I love him so much! He was supposed to be a gift but I can't bear to part with him.


My husband is very hard to surprise with Christmas presents, but he lit up when he opened this. The black & gold colors look gorgeous on our tree. Super high quality and fast shipping. Thanks so much for the free sticker too - he loved it!