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Orc Head Ornament

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This DND Ornament Orc Head D&D Gift for Dungeons and Dragons Christmas Ornament is perfect gift for your Dungeon Master. Make your Christmas season even more special this year with this unique Dungeons and Dragons Troll Gaming Ornament! 3D printed to order, this D&D Ornament makes an exceptional gift for the Dungeon Master of your tabletop wargaming group. A guaranteed favorite as unique D&D Christmas Decor!

📦 Includes: 1 ornament with sting
📐 105mm x 84mm x 50mm
❗️ FDM Ornament made from PLA

Processing Times
All 3D printed ornaments' processing time varies from 1-7 days. Ornaments ordered with additional products may take longer. If you need your order by a specific date, please don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order. Our processing times will remain the same, regardless of the shipping speed selected.

Expectations should be those shown in product images. Please contact us immediately if you receive something different than what is displayed. These are 3D printed, not mass produced, and will have imperfections. We try to show the worst in the product photos, but most are minimally visible to the naked eye.

Ornaments are printed using a higher quality polylactic acid plastic made from corn grain and are tougher than most PLA prints. PLA is intended for indoor use and has a melting point of 120°F.

Preparation and Painting
3D Printed items may require some cleanup. Strings and fuzzies are standard because we ship prints directly from the printer to your home to keep our prices low.
• You can snip off thicker strings with clippers.
• For thin fuzzies, you can use a lighter to quickly cinge off straglers.
• Use Green Stuff, Liquid Green Stuff, or Vallejo's Plastic Putty to fill in the gaps or seams.
• Priming is not required, but will help paint stick.
• We recommend using acrylic paint.

Source models are copyright Duncan Shadow, provided as an officially licensed seller. You are purchasing a physical print of this model. Visit Duncan Shadow to buy the file or to see the prints we are licensed to print. Contact us for models not listed.

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