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Dead Corpse Set

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This Dead Corpse Set for tabletop miniature and terrain games like Dungeons and Dragons is 3D printed to order. It will look great on your next wargaming table as you roll the dice in D&D, Warhammer 40k, Pathfinder, Fallout, Necromunda, Kings of War, or Heroscape.

📦 Includes: 15 pieces
📐 28mm-32mm
❗️  FDM Miniature

Battles are rough - especially when no one survives them! Between the battle-hardened orcs, the bloodthirsty goblins, the zealous cultists, and the duty-bound guards not a soul stood a chance of coming out of the conflict unscathed! Unfortunately, what with being dead and all, none of these corpses will be much help, but maybe they some nice items to loot from their bodies?

Source models are copyright Duncan Shadow, provided as an officially licensed seller. You are purchasing a physical print of this model. Visit Duncan Shadow to buy the file or to see the prints we are licensed to print. Contact us for models not listed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Tadon C

Again I'm really impressed by the quality of the PLA print for these. Really good prints.

Thomas S

Essential for every DM! painting these guys was fun and the quality is always fantastic 👌

Francis Labreck L

The detail is pretty poor but their cheap and serve well enough.

Kyle's K

Wow the shipping on this item was extremely fast, the packaging was secure and had a few extras from the shop owner which included a thank you letter hand written, a cool gryphon sticker and a little folded pamphlet. The minis are very cool and I definitely enjoyed painting them and will definitely use them, the only down side was that the 3D printing lines were quite obvious and even warped some of the features slightly. This isn't that big of a deal breaker for me though because the look great from an arms length! Either way I will definitely be shopping here again. Thanks owners!

brandon radomski
A must have for your TTRPG

Ever since I started playing TTRPGs I've been like "we need minis that lay flat" and then I found these. I absolutely love them and I will be purchasing from griffon again. I even got a little personalized note from the company(hand written) and a sticker...I love stickers.