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Reviews from GriffonCo Shoppe LLC

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Sitting Villagers
Rob Campbell
The Party meets Sitting Villagers at a Bar

Filling out the Bar scene for my One Shot was important and Katie & Andy worked with me to get them sized correctly. Appreciate the customer service.
They fit and look great in the scene. Now to finish the set piece. Thanks so much a great pleasure to collaborate.

Wet Cavern Pillar
Dan Harrick
journey to the center of the earth

I used multiple stalactite /mite pieces with my 54 mm figures and they blended well.

the explorers

great piece well with 54 mm figures.

Gypsy Seer & Tent

This is a wonderful miniature…. Perfect for Ravenloft campaign setting!

Merchant Wagon
Darrell Newman
A wonderful merchant wagon

I love that the top of this merchant wagon is removable. Allowed not only the ease of painting; but also more uses wtih the top removed.

Tavern Wall
Darrell Newman
A bar back wall

Love my bar back walls. I have several bars, but I did not have any bar backwalls. Love these.

Troupe Wagon
Darrell Newman
A Most excellent Wagon

Love my new wagon, the top comes off to allow me to put mini's inside. Great quality and addition to my game table.

Attack Drone
Danylo Jopko
Fantastic miniatures and great service

I ordered a set of 3 of their flying roto drone miniatures for my Shadowrun game, because they're perfect for it. The quality and detail of the prints were great, no leftover print seams or rough edges. Plus they included a little personalized card inside, which was just an extra nice touch. Very happy with this company, and I'll be using them next time I need to do horrible things to my players. :D

Owlbear Rug
Amazing model.

Love this. Paint went on well. Makes a nice touch to a home or tavern.

Great model

Great model paint went on well. Love this pose.

Amazing detailed stage.

Definitely usable even without paint, however paint goes really well. This makes a great addition to your tavern scenes.

Awesome model

Love this site. Awesome print. Paint goes on well. Love the personalized note. I appreciate little touches like that.

Mine Carts
Ben Willis W

Slick little carts and a must for a Wild West mining camp and dwarven mines alike.

Fast Shipping
Useful product for my table.
Easy to paint

The miniature came out just like the picture. Looked really good and had very few spots if any that I had to clean.

Great addition for my cleric spiritual weapon.

Fast delivery as item describe

Amazing quality! Quick service!

5 stars review from Christopher

Cart Driver Sitting
Christopher D

5 stars review from Christopher

4 stars review from Colin


Perfect fit to my board. Scale was right, very realistic

Excellent sculpt made of a excellent resin, the mini was sent asap which was both unexpected and greatly appreciated. Met and exceeded my expectations.

4 stars review from Jordans

Fast delivery and a pleasure to chat with.